school server

Lesson learned

Let this be a lesson to all deployments out there who crimp their own CAT5 cables. We had a setup that was tested and working with our school server, its connection to the outside, and all, when one slight move knocked it all out. From there on, no matter how hard we tried, we couldn't crimp the cable properly. It wasn't until master crimper Mahesh Boodraj went down to the school that we got our a reliable connection.

Lesson: Be sure to have a master crimper!!!

Show me the data

We are starting to see anecdotal evidence of how the two pilot schools are faring. Stories on working together, classroom support, maintenance and so on, but what does the data say? A big "Thank you" to Bernie Innocenti (and Morgan Ames and Raul Segales) for pointing us to the script that is used by the PraguayEduca folks to extract data from the School Server.

Mother ship

Sometimes it becomes difficult to access remote servers that are sitting in obscure closets behind a layer or two of NAT. No telling what the IP lay-of-the-land will be like. We have a similar situation with our deployments. The schools have a XS school server, but these are typically hanging off a DSL modem, behind a NAT with a typical address of Yet, we'd like to be able to get to the school server every once in a while, run some maintenance scripts, and gather some data for analysis.

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