Primary education in Jamaica

We be July

If you work on campus at The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica, then you would know this - July is OLPC month at UWI!


Little explorers

What do teachers, parents and children have to say about their experiences so far? I can write all day, but nothing compares to their own words. This is a collection of short interviews with the teachers, parents and children from both Providence Basic School and August Town Primary School.

Sit back and watch the joy unfold.

When data tell stories

We finally got past a major hurdle of pulling metadata from the journals of the XOs at the two schools. The XS School Server collects journals of all the XO laptops and keeps the aggregate stored, in case we need to recover lost work, or push a child's work back into a newly-reflashed laptop.

Show me the data

We are starting to see anecdotal evidence of how the two pilot schools are faring. Stories on working together, classroom support, maintenance and so on, but what does the data say? A big "Thank you" to Bernie Innocenti (and Morgan Ames and Raul Segales) for pointing us to the script that is used by the PraguayEduca folks to extract data from the School Server.

Serving for Servite

We at Servite are rearing to go! Congrats to Providence Early Childhood Institute ( for their OLPC's and we are looking forward to great things in their neck of the woods.

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