Moneague College Awarded 10 OLPC Laptops for Teacher Training Program

Moneague College was successful in it's application for 10 XO laptops through the OLPC Contributors program. The bid, which was crafted by Miss Nadine Muschette, a Lecturer at Moneague College was approved by the OLPC Contributor's Selection committee on October 8, 2010. Nadine, the dynamic catalyst behind Moneague's OLPC initiative, highlighted the following primary Objectives in a submission cleverly titled: “One Laptop Per Teacher Educator, Student Teacher, Class Teacher Child”.

  • Expose teacher educators and student teachers (the next cohort of class teachers) to the XO laptops and software for use in the teaching and learning process
  • Provide the tools for the practical completion of the Technology in Education course objectives for the target group of student teachers
  • Provide an incentive and equipment for student teachers to propose and execute technology/computer centred final year teaching practice projects
  • Contribute to the bank of Sugar lesson plans and videos being developed as part of UWI's OLPC initiative
  • Assist the OLPC Jamaica Team with teacher training for their projects at Providence Basic and August Town Primary schools.
The partnership with Moneague College is a critical component for the sustainable success of the OLPC Jamaica projects as other deployments have demonstrated unequivocally, that effective teacher training is one of the most important, complex, and resource-intensive parts of any successful ICT for Education project. 
OLPC Jamaica is delighted to have Moneague on board as our strategic partner.