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1st Teacher training session - Providence

Had a good turnout for the 1st OLPC Teacher training at Providence on Monday Nov 22nd... Six teachers in attendance including the Principal and the 3 teachers for the Target Pre/Kindergarten 5 & 6-year-olds Kids. Also had 2 members of the Early Childhood Commission (ECC) in attendance. From the UWI team, Maurice, Craig and Brian. The session was primarily orientation with the XO and getting familiar with opening the computer, boot-up and navigating the Sugar UI. We looked at a few Sugar Activities and, as usual, Speak was a hit, as well as Memorize.. For Projection, we used the QEMU  emulator to create a  "virtual XO" on WIndows and it actually worked pretty well. Was preferred in this case to "Sugar on a Stick" which takes over the computer, since I could switch between Windows/Powerpoint and XO/Sugar.

Some of the teachers are new to Computers and the Keyboard , so will need some practice time.. The Laptops must go home with the Teachers as well as the Kids. We want to follow-up quickly with the next session on Friday, Nov 26th. Craig forgot his camera, so we'll make sure to have pics of the next session.