We be July

If you work on campus at The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica, then you would know this - July is OLPC month at UWI!


We are on the calendar for the month of July 2013. The first sentiment that comes to mind is one of gratitude. A sentiment of gratitude to the students for volunteering, to the faculty for direction, to the staff for being supportive and to the sponsors for being resourceful. We began in September 2008, just as a notion of a project. A modest and open meeting for anyone who wanted to join in. An effort to see if we could make a difference through the education of children. Since then, we've had volunteers plug away at testing the hardware, building servers, wiring schools, setting up Wi-Fi in classrooms, training teachers, writing blogs, conducting research, writing code, building libraries, teaching children to repair their laptops, reaching out to parents, working with principals, connecting with volunteers around the world, and bringing the world to children of August Town Primary School and Providence Basic School. While we worked away to support a system for education, we in turn learned a whole bunch of things from them! Valuable lessons, useful directions, hopeful plans.

So, dear world: The next time you spot a UWI calendar sporting July 2013, rest assured that we are still here and we are still working to make the world of children a joyful one through education, so they can make ours a wonderful one.