Show me the data

We are starting to see anecdotal evidence of how the two pilot schools are faring. Stories on working together, classroom support, maintenance and so on, but what does the data say? A big "Thank you" to Bernie Innocenti (and Morgan Ames and Raul Segales) for pointing us to the script that is used by the PraguayEduca folks to extract data from the School Server. The script works with the Journal backups on the School Server (each XO pushes and synchronizes its Journal datastore seamlessly to the server) and extract data on the Activity used, Timestamp, Scope of Sharing, etc. The data, in conjunction with our qualitative findings from the school, the children and the families should help us better understand what works and what does not.

We are ready to get crunching. Stay tuned!


This initial period did not

This initial period did not have a lot of structure in terms of curriculum-based lesson plans, so it is likely that most of the activity will be largely undirected, discovery-based learning activities. Will be interesting to see what the data says.. I'm keen to see: time-of-day utilization, most popular activities, any manifest differences between the two schools, etc.