Phoenix Rising: OLPC Moneague Evolving for 2014

The symbol of the Moneague College is the Phoenix, that bird that lives on and keeps regeneration every century. It hasn’t been quiet that long, but we believe  evolution is necessary for our OLPC project.

In 2010 when the Moneague College stepped in to the OLPC community and was awarded 10 contributors’ XOs we pledged to engage our teachers in training and share pedagogical ideas namely lesson plans with educators using the XOs and Sugar across the globe. At the close of 2013, we dare to reaffirm this pledge as we allow the project to expand and be led by primary and all age schools in and around the Moneague area.

The College has partnered with the Moneague Primary and Junior High since January 2013, handing over the contributors’ XOs. Alumnus Ryan Dale used the XOs with his grade four class from January to June and will share his experience and lesson plans. Mr. Dale now is a Reading Coach with the Ministry of Education serving five schools: Golden Grove All Age, Walkerswood All Age, Jeffery’s Ville Primary, Watsonville Primary and Mount Waddy Primary.

The plan going forward is to have these schools introduced to the XOs by way their Reading Coach who has had months of XO use in the classroom! Once the Principals are on board and assign a class teacher or two to work with the XOs and Sugar, the Moneague College will host an OLPC: XO, Sugar workshop. In this session the teachers are given an over view of OLPC, the project in Jamaica, XOs and the use of Sugar. Mr. Dale would be asked to deliver a lesson using the XOs.

As the OLPC Moneague Project evolves for 2014, we anticipate strong lessons and lesson plans being shared with the OLPC Community even as our Jamaican children benefit from the use of the XOs and Sugar.