Pathagar for pilot schools

Pathagar is a digital library server that follows the Open Publication and Distribution System (OPDS) specification. We are working to incorporate such a library at each of the pilot schools. The idea is to provide a library locally over Wi-Fi, so that the school and its surrounding neighborhood can get access to books as and when needed, without Internet access. If Internet access is available, then we can federate multiple Pathagar libraries across the pilot schools. So, for instance, children in August Town will be able to search and download from the Pathagar library in Providence Basic and vice versa. Of course, this library wealth will only increase as we add more sites to our pilot!

We've been running a Pathagar sample site to test:

  • the ability for multiple teachers and curators to upload content using the web interface,
  • a bulk upload of content directly from sources like The Internet Archive,
  • tagging and search features, so that you can search by keywords, text, author, title, etc.

You can take a peek here to see what it looks like. If you'd like to run one for yourself, take a VM for a ride!

Pathagar itself remains under active development. You can find the code at including the Internet Archive bulk script. You can also sign up on the email list at Many thanks to our friends at the Internet Archive.