OLPC Moneague December 2010 Update

The Contributor's XOs have arrived and the Moneague College and we are ready to move the project along.

There was a meeting on December 2, 2010 where some decisions were taken regarding the plans for the use of the XOs next semester - Jan-May 2011.

Below are the main points of the meeting


The contributed OLPC XOs along with the 5 on loan from the UWI pilots (pick up or delivery is to be arranged) will be used as follows:

  • 2 final year literacy student teachers will use the XOs for their small groups of 6 children (so that there is OLPC) for the duration of TP - January to March 2011.

  • Both student teachers will be at the Ewarton High School and will use the XOs for 2 days of the week.

  • Both student teachers will be given an XO for the Christmas Holidays so they may become familiar with Sugar and the features of the XO

  • They will also be asked to create their major TP project around Sugar and the use of the XO

  • Lesson plans and videos of lesson delivery are to be contributed to the OLPC Community i.e. uploaded to the OLPC Jamaica site

  • Krystal Crumbie, a year one literacy student teacher will be asked to edit videos and upload them to the Moneague College Literacy Studies Youtube channel and the OLPC Jamaica site.

  • The College will be asked to invest in a good camcorder for this project.

  • The OLPC JA team (Sameer, Arlene and Maurice) will be asked to do an OLPC practical (how to use the XO, exploring Sugar) session at Moneague with the 2 selected students and at least 10 faculty members: TP supervisors and pilot group lecturers

  • The original pilot groups - Year 2 Literacy and Primary Group 2 will have access to the XOs for the 3 days that they are not with the year 3 TP student teachers at Ewarton.

  • The year 2 pilot groups may borrow the XOs to prepare and present micro-lessons in the 5 selected subject areas (maths, science, P.E. music and language arts) at the college.

  • More XOs are needed ASAP for there to be ONE LAPTOP PER teacher educator, student teacher, class teacher CHILD.

  • The Language and Literacy Department will aim for mid January 2011 for the preparation and submission of proposals for funding the purchase of more XOs for the Moneague project.

  • The vision is to take this project College wide so that our students in all programmes may use the XOs especically those studying IT and Programming.

We anticipate a great contribution to the OLPC Community.